Monday, 21 April 2014

How to increase Internet traffic using simple and easy techniques?

Easy ways to increase Internet Traffic
Easy ways to increase Internet Traffic

If you are a webmaster or someone who owns website(s), you know how hard it is to get visitors or increase web traffic and keep them coming all the time. It is a constant battle that you need to keep advertising your website for Internet traffic. However, there are very simple techniques you can use to increase your Internet traffic to your website easily.

  1. CONTENT with KEYWORDS - your website must contain relevant content with keywords. For instance, if you own a website that sells dog food, then you would have a section devoted to information related to dog food. You might every now and then post an article that you wrote about dog food that would talk something about the dog food you are selling like "Why is organic dog food is better than the other kind?" or "Why dogs love Chow brand?" Having article posted with content with relevant keywords will bring targeted visitors to your website and search engines love to index articles with keywords. For example, I have an online game website. Within that website, I have an article section where once a week I post article I write with keywords. I have noticed that these articles are indexed by Google for specific keywords.
  2. EZINEARTICLES.COM or GOARTICLES.COM - If you are good with writing simple one page long articles on anything that is related to your website you are trying to promote, then write an article with all the keywords and post the article(s) on article websites like the ones mentioned above. Your article not only provides link from these website for your website but also other people who are interested in your article will take it and post it in the article section of their website. This in turn builds your backlinks for your website.
  3. PICTURE or IMAGE - Every website these days are expected to have images of some sort somewhere on their website. These days space is not a problem. So, therefore you should take the time to post relevant images on your website. However, as before, don't over do it.
  4. ALTERNATIVE or ALT - If you are a webmaster or guru you know how important ALT attribute of an image markup tag is. It is not only displayed when your image is not able to be displayed, but search engines tags these ALT values as a searchable items for your image. In other word, if someone searched on Google for organic dog food image and you happened to have a tagged dog food image, your image will show up and there is a chance that he or she will click on the image be taken to your website.
  5. TITLE OF A PAGE - It may not sound as important but I have noticed from my experience that search engines tend to index webpages with keywords in its title. So, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have keywords in their title.
  6. SITEMAP - sitemap of a website doesn't just give a visitor an overview of your website but it also enables search engines to index specific webpage within your website based on your sitemap file. There are different ways to create sitemap and there are sitemap generators online that will automatically create one for you like Google sitemap generator. However, you must have sitemap for your website.
  7. URL SUBMISSION - Once a month it is recommended that you submit your website URL manually to search engines. Plus, it is safe to do so. Just do it once and no more than that. If do, you may get banned. There are automatic URL submission service but they will cost you money.
  8. BACKLINKS - It is not a recommend practice anymore. However, it is still the easiest trick in the book and accepted technique amongst webmasters. You exchange links with other webmasters as long as they link your website from their website. Search engines like Google used to accept websites with ton and ton of backlinks to other sites, but not anymore. These sites are looked down upon as hack, irrelevant or simply useless. So, you need to be very picky on who you are exchanging links with. It must be related to your website. Again, don't over to do it.
  9. WEB-DIRECTORY - If the above techniques is not for you, then simply setup a web-directory for your website. There are a lots of free directory scripts out on the Internet like cpLinks - web directory. It is very easy to setup and integrate into your website. Then, you wait for people to submit links to post on your website. This over time will build back-links for your website.
  10. FORUM or MESSAGE BOARD- Nowadays, it is a norm for websites to have a community forum where people can request for or share information about things related to your website. Again, there are free forum or message board scripts out on the Internet like minibb - message board. This script is so simple to use that you will have it installed in couple of seconds and be up and running.
  11. SOCIAL MEDIA - I don't think I need to explain this one. By now, we all should know how important social media is. Therefore, it is very very important to have links to social media pages for your website. It is just one more ways to get traffic. Social media includes but not limited to Facebook and other similar websites.
  12. YOUTUBE VIDEO - this step can be part of number 11. However, it is very important to tap into popular website's Internet traffic. We all know how popular is YOUTUBE and thus it is a must that you create simple videos related to your website. Then, post to Youtbe website along with a direct link back to your website. It's true you may not get as many visitors from Youtube. However, you will get more and more visitors as time goes on. In the meantime, you should post videos whenever you have a chance.
After completing as many techniques I have listed above, you will start to see an increase in your Internet traffic to your website. I am sure there are more simple and yet powerful techniques for increasing Internet traffic to your website. I will update this list as I discover them, but for now you have something to work on based on this list. Good Luck.

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