Monday, 4 June 2012

ViewSonic VCD22 Android Smart Display is 22-inches of ICS

ViewSonic Android Smart Display

Asus and Acer aren't the only companies launching desktops at Computex in Taipei. As expected, ViewSonic has unveiled a 22-inch model, though sadly it doesn't turn into a tablet like some we've seen.

It does, however, run Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich. See, it's not all about Windows 8 at Computex.

The 22-inch screen is 1,920x1,080-pixels. Inside is a 1GHz dual-core TI OMAP processor and 1GB RAM. These specs don't sound anything special, especially considering quad-core processors are finding their way into handsets, but we'll have to reserve judgement until we see it in the flesh. Android Ice Cream Sandwich comes as standard, bringing such features as face unlock, and the ability to group apps in folders.
ViewSonic has skinned ICS its own way, with learning apps aplenty. It'll sell the 22-incher with these educational apps preloaded, hinting it's maybe aimed more at schools than at us regular punters. Though with ViewSonic announcing a price of $479 (£311), here's hoping it finds its way onto shelves. At that price, it'd be rude not to at least give it a look.

Also at Computex, Acer announced its own Windows 8 touchscreen desktop computers. And while the Asus Transformer AiO might be a little smaller, at 18.4-inches, it does detach from the base, meaning you can carry it around. Neat. It also runs Windows 8 as well as Android, which is pretty handy.
Could we see Windows 8 and the growth of Android prompt a new glut of touchscreen desktops? I personally don't think touchscreens are suited to desktops, except for presentations or demos. But it seems plenty of companies think otherwise.

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