Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sony’s Music Unlimited Service hits the Android platform

Sony Music Entertainment Network

So you’re rocking to an Android-powered device, and cannot live without your daily dose of music – what are you supposed to do then? Sony might have the answer in the form of their cloud-based music service that delivers a global catalogue of more than 10 million tracks to Android-powered tablets – as well as Sony’s very own tablet, of course.

According to Tim Schaaff, President, Sony Network Entertainment, “As one of the largest digital entertainment services, Sony Entertainment Network aims to bring new ways for consumers to enjoy digital music and video. The launch of the Music Unlimited service on Sony Tablet marks one of our many significant steps to satisfying the mobile demands of our current consumers while opening up our cloud-based music service to completely new audiences.”

Version 1.2 of the Music Unlimited service’s Android application will include support for the Sony Tablet and other Android-powered tablets, whereas the previous version could only work on Android-based phones. Interested? A Basic subscription to the Music Unlimited service will cost you $3.99 each month, while you will have to top up $6 monthly for a Premium subscription.

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